The Third International Student Symposium on Animal Behaviour and Cognition

21-23 June 2023

Conjunto Amoxcalli, Facultad de Ciencias, UNAM , Mexico City, Mexico

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Wildlife photo competition

Are you a keen wildlife photographer? Do you have a story to tell with photos?

We’re looking for conference attendees with a flare for all things photographic!

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December 2022

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1st February 2023


Abstract submission closes

5th March 2023

Speaker Announcement

April 2023


Conference Starts

21 June 2023

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Promote the study of animal behaviour

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The amazing lyrebirds

Lyrebirds are one of the most fascinating and unique bird species in the world. These birds, native to Australia, are known for their incredible vocal mimicry skills and striking appearance. Lyrebirds have the ability to imitate a wide range of sounds, including other...

Human activity leads to bee-wilderment

The impact of human activity on the sensory environment is undeniable. This can have drastic impacts on interspecific communication. In this article, I will explore how human activity can influence one of the most ecologically important examples of interspecific...

Plenary updates and photo competition!

Hello and welcome to the 3rd International Student Symposium on Animal Behaviour and Cognition! We are excited to announce our first plenary speaker, Dr. Sonja Wild. Dr. Wild is a leading behavioural ecologist whose research focuses on the drivers of behavioural...