Hello and welcome to the 3rd International Student Symposium on Animal Behaviour and Cognition!

We are excited to announce our first plenary speaker, Dr. Sonja Wild. Dr. Wild is a leading behavioural ecologist whose research focuses on the drivers of behavioural diversity in wild animal populations, with a focus on social learning processes.

She uses a combination of observational data and behavioural experiments with remote sensing techniques to study how social network structure influences the transmission of new behaviours through populations, the learning strategies employed by different groups of individuals, and how these strategies change over an individual’s lifetime and in response to their physical and social environment. We are thrilled to have Dr. Wild join us and can’t wait to hear about her groundbreaking work.

In addition to our plenary speaker, we are also excited to announce our wildlife photography competition! Are you a passionate wildlife photographer with a story to tell through your photos? If so, we want to see your best shots.

We’re looking for thought-provoking wildlife photography accompanied by a caption or short description that explains your research or highlights the incredible behaviour of your subject. The top photos will be announced at the conference, and the top two entries will win a brand new pair of binoculars (model Savanna R PC 8×33, retail price 120 GBP) from Opticron UK (https://www.opticron.co.uk/our-products/binoculars/savanna-r-pc-binoculars/savanna-r-pc-8×33).

We can’t wait to see your entries and to hear from our amazing plenary speaker. We are looking forward to seeing you all in Mexico next year for the symposium! Don’t miss this opportunity to showcase your work and be recognized by your peers. Submit your best wildlife photos today and join us at the symposium to see who will be crowned the winner and win a brand new pair of binoculars valued at 120 GBP!