Registration is open!

If the cost of the conference registration prevents you from attending, or you have no other means of funding your attendance, please contact us about partial/full registration fee waivers. You can find more information about the waivers here

Unless unable to do so, we strongly encourage attendees to use the bank transfer payment option to avoid being charged additional fees.

Early bird registration (until 1st February 2023 12PM GMT) [CLOSED]

  • Online student $5
  • Online non-student $25
  • In-person student $30 (-50% for global south*)
  • In person non-student $50 (-50% for global south*)

After 1st February 2023 12PM GMT

  • Online Student: $10
  • Online Non-student: $30
  • In-person Student $60 (-50% for global south*)
  • In-person Non-student $100 (-50% for global south*)

    *This refers to the country of the institution currently affiliated with. Global South countries as defined by the World Bank:

    Refund Policy

    • Until the 1st of February 2023: Full refund of the admission fee*
    • 1st February 2023 until 21st April 2023: Partial (50%) refund of the admission fee*
    • After the 21st of April 2023: No refunds will be issued after that date* 

    *The refunded amount might be reduced by the payment charges (usually <5%). This is something outside of our control and only applicable in some cases.